The North Royalton City Council was given a sneak peek of what the design of the new Senior Center could be. The architects in charge of the design portion of the process are formulating the direction of their design.
On October 3, representatives from Makovich and Pusti Architects gave a preliminary presentation to City Council regarding the potential of the upcoming Senior Center and where they are in the design process. Earlier this year, the City hired the Berea architectural firm for the Senior Center Project, which will transform a portion of the former Royal View Elementary School at 13220 Ridge Road into a City Senior Center. The project was initially announced last spring.
Recently, both the City and School District have secured an agreement to make the transformation. The agreement in the ordinance would be in effect for 25 years. At that point, in 2049, the agreement would renew every year until either the City, or School District chooses to end it. The agreement would have the City pay $1 per year for the interior space and about 2,000 square feet of outdoor space. The City would be responsible for maintenance and cleaning of their portion, as well as for their portion of the cost of utilities, such as sewer, water and electricity.
The preliminary design shows the main entrance to the building, with a patio off to the east side, with the thought of providing an inviting place for seniors. The design shows thickened columns and wood and lights on the underside of the portico, as well as a more robust drainage system, which will help provide a more secure and safe entry.
A proposed, preliminary schematic was also presented on how the rooms will be divided. The schematic showed a little café off the main entrance, unisex rest rooms, a multi-purpose room, which was once the gymnasium, kitchen, craft/game rooms and a reconfiguration of the existing offices. The interior design aspect is yet to be completed. Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz pointed out, “Just remember, things can change from what you see.”
Currently, area senior citizens meet at the Deaconess Center, on Ridge Road. Antoskiewicz explained that the City basically has senior programming there. “We were filling one the requirements for Deaconess to stay open. They have to provide programs for the people that live there.” He said that the City “will have to give them notice later this year and it will be their responsibility to take over that.”
At this point, Antoskiewicz said he is looking at about $490,000 for the complete project, which will account for about 9,000 square feet of the over-48,000 square foot facility. The money will be coming from the general fund. At this time, there are no grants for this project, but the City will be seeking grant funding.
“They are continuing to work on the inside and give options so we can work within the budget,” said Antoskiewicz. He is hoping to have that in order to go to bid by the end of the year. “That will give me a better idea for an actual date we can target,” he said.

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