At the April 19, 2022, North Royalton City Council meeting, it was announced that the School District and City are in the process of securing an agreement to transform a portion of the former Royal View Elementary School into a city senior center.
“For a number of years, I have heard our seniors continually ask for a better senior center facility,” said Antoskiewicz. “ I listened, and this is an answer to their needs. It is also another shining example of the great working relationship we have enjoyed for a number of years with the School District. I believe this is a prudent use of tax dollars and is an efficient utilization of available space for the benefit and enjoyment of our seniors. There are some renovations we need to perform to a portion of the building before we move. Our goal is to have things in place and ready to move in by the first of the year. I believe this is a way to provide better services for our seniors and address their needs, while still being fiscally responsible and cognizant of taxpayer dollars.”
North Royalton School Superintendent Mike Laub noted that “I’m thankful and look forward to this partnership. Any time the District can partner with the City of North Royalton to serve the community and save taxpayer dollars it is a win for everyone. This is one example of the many ideas the Mayor and I have discussed. We are excited to see this happening and look forward to other partnerships that make sense for our community.” He pointed out that “the back of the Royal View Elementary School building is still being targeted for the construction of a permanent Safety Town, which is another example of a city/schools partnership.”
Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz stated that the idea started from a suggestion made by Ward 1 Council Representative John Nickell. Antoskiewicz said that Nickell had mentioned that the school district probably would not be utilizing all the space in Royal View Elementary and it could be a good fit for a new senior center. Presently, the senior citizens meet at the Deaconess Center, on Ridge Road.. Antoskiewicz explained that the city basically has senior programming there. “We were filling one of the requirements for Deaconess to stay open. They have to provide programs for the people that live there.” He said that the city “will have to give them notice later this year and it will be their responsibility to take over that.”
When asked what he envisions for the new space, Antoskiewicz noted that “most of it is still a work in progress. We have some ideas, but nothing definitive yet. We still have to come with a final agreement with the schools. Once we get that agreement, we can get in there and start doing some renovating, such as the bathrooms. We’ll have part of the area where the gym is, so we will have areas for events, with a kitchen, which we will have access to.” He said that he was looking at about 9,000 square feet of the 48,000+ square foot facility. Assistant Superintendent, Jim Presot, noted “we have been meeting on and off with the Mayor and others for sometime in preliminary conversations etc.. They are having an architect review drawings, come in and review equipment etc.. and then we plan on sitting down.” Antoskiewicz said he hopes to be in by the end of this year.

Contributing Writer