In Northeast Ohio, many say there are only two seasons:   winter or construction season!  With that, the orange barrels are starting to appear, as construction season has begun and residents will be seeing road work starting around the city.

The 2021 Road Repair Program is already in full swing, as the 2021 Road Repair Program was earmarked with the 2021 budget at the end of last year.  Council unanimously adopted the 2021 budget at their December, 15, 2020 meeting, which included $1.5 million for the road repair costs for 2021.  According to North Royalton Finance Director Eric Dean, this figure is lower than last year’s budget of $2.5 million.  Due to COVID-19, the city did not spend the budgeted amount, but ended up spending about $2.18 million.  Previously, a preliminary number is put out early in the year, with money added later in the year after the tax receipts are received in early summer.  As was done last year, this year the entire budget for the program was established, according to Dean.

Three ordinances were introduced at the March 2 City Council meeting for approval of the 2021 Road Program.  An ordinance accepting the bid of Crossroads Asphalt Recycling, Incorporated, and an ordinance accepting the bid for JD Striping and Services, LLC for pavement marking were accepted as the lowest and best bids.  A third ordinance, however, accepting the bid of Set In Stone Contracting, LLC for concrete repairs  as the lowest and best bid, was unanimously rejected.   Law Director, Tom Kelly, indicated that there was some confusion regarding the bid language and he recommended that all bids for this be rejected and the Mayor and Service Director re-bid the contract.  Council then rejected all bids for concrete and asked the Mayor to re-bid.  The bids for concrete were re-bid, with bid opening on March 30.  It is expected to be introduced at the April 6 City Council meeting.

North Royalton Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz reported the following streets for the 2021 Roads Program (not ranked in any particular order):

Asphalt projects:

Abbey Road  (turnpike bridge to Albion ), Boston Road (with will be done in partnership with Medina County), Highland Drive, Donmar Road, York Road (Partial), Antoskiewicz said that in addition, the Service Center parking lot and front and side lots will be completed.

Concrete projects:

According to Antoskiewicz, “Slab and joint repair in Royal Valley, between State and just east of Ridgeline Drive will be completed.  Also, some side streets and cul-de-sacs with slab and joint repair in both Royal Valley and Sherwood Estates.”  He also said that additional street work will be done by the Service Department.

In 2020, the following streets were completed:   Mapleridge Drive, Parkside Drive, Ridgedale Drive, Thornton Drive, N Akins Road, Bennett Road (82 to Ridge), Swan Lake Development,

Timber Ridge Estates, Royal Valley, Sherwood Estates, Progress Pkwy cul-de-sac.


Contributing  Writer