Residents may want to avoid two sections of Sprague Road for the near future, as two projects are taking place. On the east side of Sprague Road, a gas line replacement project is taking place. On the west side of Sprague Road, a reconstruction and widening project is commencing.
Last month, Columbia Gas began their gas line replacement project, which runs from State Road and Perl Court/Hoertz Road. That project will affect about 90 residents on Sprague Road directly and a number of motorists.
The Columbia Gas project includes the replacement of about 5,000 feet of aging gas lines with plastic piping. It will also include the installation of individual property service lines and relocate outdoor meters to indoors. Columbia Gas of Ohio Public Affairs Specialist Ben Cutler stated that, “Our old gas lines have served us well, but just like roads, bridges and other infrastructure, things deteriorate over time and the cost to maintain and repair is actually more than putting in the new and more modern pipe.” He went on to say that, “Once the new pipe is installed, we’ll have a stronger and more reliable system that will last longer than the old system and require less maintenance moving forward.” The new piping expands and contracts with the varying temperatures and bends to the earth surrounding it.
Miller Pipeline has been contracted to complete the project, which is expected to conclude later this fall.
Meanwhile, on Sprague Road from West 130 Street to York Road, the reconstruction and widening project is set to begin. At the time of this writing, Cuyahoga County Officials have stated that they were looking to begin some time this fall. Originally, the start was set for July, but was pushed forward to September. It was again pushed forward, as they are having trouble obtaining the necessary materials, according to North Royalton City Engineer, Justin Haselton. The Sprague Road project is a two-phase project. Phase one includes a .77 mile span from Webster Road to West 130 Street, in the cities of Strongsville and Middleburg Heights. Phase two involves a 1.21-mile section between York Road and West 130 Street, which includes the cities of North Royalton and Parma. The work is being done by Cuyahoga County.
According to North Royalton officials, “This Cuyahoga County Project includes the grading, drainage and paving along with the widening of 1.21 miles of Sprague Road. The project will include the installation of curbing, underdrain, closed drainage system, concrete walk, ADA curb ramps, culvert replacement, water main replacement, sanitary pump station replacement, sanitary sewer and other associated improvements.” The widening comes in the form of a turning lane. All of the ditches will be eliminated and storm sewers installed in their place. Sidewalks will be installed on both sides in Parma and North Royalton.
North Royalton received funding through the 2019 Issue One Program, scoring enough for this project. It was one of eleven projects that will receive part of the $29.848 million available for the 2019 program. The Issue One program issues a combination of loans and grants, which will once again be sought for the chance at funding some of the city’s infrastructure projects for next year. The county administered program is reviewed by District One Public Works Integrating Committee, consisting of Cuyahoga Countywide officials. Criteria for funding is based on the needs of the city; the age and condition of the project applied for; health and safety concerns; the enhancement to economic development; the readiness to proceed as well as other projects being funded. Those that can apply include not only cities, but counties, villages, townships, regional sewer, sanitary and water systems, covering a wide range of capital improvement projects.
Issue One funding in the amount of $6.3 million was granted, as the project scored tenth of the eleven projects that were chosen for the 2019 program. The 2018 program included the $4 million granting of phase one of the Sprague Road project, which ran between Webster Road and West 130th Street.
The Phase two section includes a two-mile widening of Sprague Road. “ The road is being widened to a 3-lane cross section, similar to Royalton Road. All of the ditches will be eliminated and storm sewers installed in their place. Sidewalks will be installed on both sides in Parma and North Royalton.
One way traffic is expected to be maintained throughout the project and is expected to be complete in the summer of 2023.

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