The North Royalton City Council unanimously adopted legislation at their January 21 meeting that eliminated the position of Safety Director, currently held by Bruce Campbell. The position was last created in 2008. Before that time, North Royalton did not have the position of Safety Director since 1992. The previous mayors had assumed the duties of that position before that point.
With the new administration, it was determined by newly-elected mayor, Larry Antoskiewicz, that the position was no longer necessary. “After talking to both of the Chiefs, I don’t think I need to continue the position,” he said. The duties of the position will fall under the position of Mayor, with some being absorbed by the police and fire chiefs. Antoskiewicz said that he “will retain the duties as Safety Director, but will not be taking any more compensation for it.”
Campbell has served as Safety Director since October 13, 2008, after the position was reintroduced by then-mayor, Bob Stefanik, and a unanimous approval by City Council. The term was to be concurrent with the mayor’s term, or until a successor is appointed to the position.
Campbell came to that position after serving as a lung transplant coordinator at Cleveland Clinic Foundation’s Department of Transplantation since August, 2007 and a Procurement Transplant Coordinator from November, 2001 to August, 2007. He worked as Coordinator for the EMS Department at Robinson Memorial Hospital from 2000 to 2001 and the Director of EMS for the City of Hudson from September 1977 to March, 2000. He also worked for the City of Cleveland EMS from 1992 to 1997, working from a technician/paramedic to Administrative Supervisor.
According to the city’s codified ordinances, the responsibilities of the position included the supervision of the police and fire departments. The duties and powers included “establish the necessary rules and regulations for both the Police Department and the Fire Department when, in his or her judgment, such rules and regulations will be beneficial to the efficient operation of the departments, as well as beneficial to the welfare, safety and health of the municipality; supervise, regulate, establish and enforce all rules and regulations dealing with the area of municipal traffic control; and Perform any and all duties and additional responsibilities the mayor may deem necessary.”
One of the additional duties that were mentioned included the policing of building violations. Antoskiewicz said that he is looking to hire a third building inspector, with plumbing or electrical experience, that will work on Saturdays. He expects that position to be available soon.
Other than that addition and some switching of duties in a few positions, Antoskiewicz has added one part time Paralegal position in the city’s Law Department and a Laborer I-II-III and/or Motor Equipment Operator in the Wastewater Department. The positions of the previous administration have mostly stayed in tact, with City Council approving the positions at the January 7 City Council meeting.
Campbell will leave the position on January 31. “I think the job, twelve years ago, was probably needed. Right now, we just don’t need it anymore,” said Antoskiewicz. Of Campbell, Antoskiewicz said that “he did a good job for us for the amount of time he put in with the city. He was active in getting us some grants and participated in some other safety councils in the county. He’s done a good job for us, but, with a lot of things – things change over time. Now I see it as something we can incorporate within the departments and myself and do something a little bit – put that money in another spot and take care of other issues.”
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