Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! February 14 is a day to show our spouses, children, and the other special people in our lives just how much we love and appreciate them. And because Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, that pesky little thing called “work” will be on the back-burner for many of us.
If you’re looking for some fun ways to spread some Valentine’s Day cheer around your house this weekend, read on for a few ideas:
Ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your spouse:
• Wake up early to prepare a nice breakfast for your husband or wife to enjoy or do breakfast in bed. Don’t forget the hot coffee! Go the extra mile by cleaning up the kitchen afterwards.
• Leave flowers and a special note on your spouse’s bedside table for them to find upon waking.
• Dress up your kitchen table with Valentine’s Day-themed place settings and decorations.
• Leave a love note on their steering wheel when they run out to do errands. Send them a thinking-of-you text during the day.
• Take advantage of the “day date,” a popular tactic for many busy parents of young children. Go out to a favorite lunch spot or sneak away for a neighborhood walk or coffee run. Take advantage of quieter moments during the day to make time for each other and show one another you care. If it’s difficult to find moments of together-time during the day, make sure to dedicate some time in the evening after the kids are asleep to put on a favorite movie or TV show for the two of you to enjoy together. A glass of wine is always great too!
• Buy your special someone flowers and chocolates; it’s a tried-and-true way to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated.
• Take advantage of jewelry sales and other Valentine’s Day specials at local merchants and retailers.
• Enjoy a local meal out or order take-out from the restaurant you went to on your first date.
• If you’d prefer to stay in, prepare a nice dinner for the two of you to enjoy or make your spouse’s favorite meal.
Ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your children:
• Give their bedroom doors a “heart attack” by covering them with heart-shaped messages listing all the things you love about them.
• Leave a trail of Hershey’s Kisses leading to the kitchen table. Decorate the table with confetti, cards and small heart-shaped boxes of chocolates or other small gifts.
• Make heart-shaped pancakes or strawberry breakfast smoothies with jazzy paper straws.
• Treat your daughter to an at-home spa day or book a “mom and me” appointment together at your favorite local nail salon.
• Watch cheesy romantic movies with your tween (who doesn’t cry at the end of The Notebook?!). Make sure the Kleenex is nearby!
• Do a special Valentine’s Day craft together.
• Create a Valentine’s Day-themed scavenger hunt with small clues leading to a nice surprise gift.
• Prepare your children’s favorite meal or play restaurant and let them treat you to a meal they prepared themselves.
• At dinnertime, take turns telling one other all the things you love about them and why they are so special.
Ways to make Valentine’s Day special for others in your life:
• Give older relatives hand-made cards or bake them a special treat.
• Arrange for a video chat or special long-distance call with an out-of-state relative or friend.
• Send your best friend a sweet text message letting them know how much you appreciate their friendship through the years.
• Meet up with a friend or relative for coffee, lunch, or a walk in a local park.
• Write a nice post on the social media pages of your favorite local businesses.
• If your family enjoys volunteer opportunities, consider crafting Valentine’s Day cards for the residents of a local nursing home or dropping off treats at the offices of local police and fire personnel.
Hope this Valentine’s Day has you seeing red and enjoying all-things hearts, flowers, and chocolates! Enjoy!
Contributing Writer