In the Girl Scout World, February 22 represents World Thinking Day, also known as World Friendship Day. It’s a day that Girl Scouts take the time to get to know and honor other cultures and countries. Last Saturday, the North Royalton Girl Scouts did exactly that with 16 troops and approximately 265 girls.
The North Royalton Middle School was filled with food, music, dancing and plenty of worldly education on a wide variety of countries. Girls learned how to Polish dance, speak the Egyptian language and heard Fairy Tales from Belgium just to name a few highlights.

This event is held once a year, and is a great event for the girls as they are in charge of researching and studying the country of their choice. The girls are then to “present their country” to all the North Royalton Girl Scouts on a short presentation on what makes their country special and how it got its name on the map. Everyone had a great time, and walked away with full bellies!