Unless a house is “For Sale by Owner,” it’s not extremely common for the current homeowner to meet the new buyer. And it’s even less common for the home’s previous residents to not only meet the current owner, but also the new buyer.
But that’s the situation Scott Scheeff found himself in on August 15, when his historical Ridge Road home became the meeting place for his realtor John Carvaines of Howard Hanna, new owners, Ridler and Kloscak Properties, Ltd., their realtor Shannon Manacapelli of Keller Williams, previous residents and sisters Evelyn Schroeder Girard and Donna Marie Schroeder, and North Royalton Historical Society Curator and Howard Hanna realtor Georgia Viehbeck.
Ridler and Kloscak Properties, Ltd., will work to renovate the historical home located at 12014 Ridge Road over the next several months and later put it up for sale. An estate sale is being planned for October.
The Ridge Road property was built in 1834 and served as the residence of William Stockman, who worked as postmaster and township trustee. In 1937, the Schroeder Family moved in and raised four children in the home, Evelyn, Donna Marie, Tim, and Tom. They left in 1951 and the Scheeff Family moved in. Following the death of his parents, son Scott Scheeff took ownership and put the residence up for sale. It got the attention of Ridler and Kloscak Properties, Ltd.
Matt Kloscak of Kloscak Contracting has been restoring old homes for more than a decade.
“This home and its features are very unique,” he said. “Homes today are not built like this. We’ll work to keep that charm and restore the home without taking away from its craftsmanship. We’ll preserve it without changing it.”
Restoring historical homes can be delicate and sensitive work. Georgia Viehbeck, who serves as curator of the North Royalton Historical Society and works for Howard Hanna as a realtor, said maintaining the home’s historical value and structure are vital. She said she’s happy that the treasured home isn’t going to be torn down or significantly restructured.
During the meeting on August 15, the Schroeder sisters walked the home with Scott Scheeff and learned of its renovations over the years, including the installation of a basement by Scott’s father who worked as a carpenter, and the building of an in-law suite in 1969. The Schroeder sisters, now 79- and 80-years-old, hadn’t stepped foot inside the property since they moved out in 1951 at the ages of 12 and 13. In 2011, Evelyn had written the Scheeffs informing them of who she was and her continued interest in her childhood home. She enclosed photos of a winter snowfall at the home and an early view down Wallings Road.
“My parents moved to North Royalton sometime in 1936 after my sister was born because Donna was not very healthy and the doctor thought country air would do her good, and it did,” Evelyn wrote in the 2011 letter.
Scott Scheeff saved this letter and shared it with his Howard Hanna Realtor John Carvaines, who knew of his coworker Georgia Viehbeck’s passion and ties with local history. Together, everyone worked to orchestrate the “reunion” at the property on August 15.
“It’s wonderful to relive our memories of living here,” said Donna Marie Schroeder, who now resides in Michigan. As they toured the home with Scheeff, everyone shared memories from specific rooms.
Donna recalled the days when her family had to travel to Parma for water, as water lines were not installed inside the home during their time there. She also spoke of an orchard that used to be on the property and a large farm on land that is now St. Albert the Great Parish and School.
In his early years of ownership, Scheeff’s father lifted the structure and put a basement beneath the home. Scott recalled that in the digging process, his father found many clay smoking pipes and old coins in the dirt beneath the house.
“This is all pretty emotional,” Scheeff said, as he provided a group tour of the home and shared anecdotes, such as the time he was talking on the telephone in one of the bedrooms and lightning struck one of the walls of the room. The Schroeder sisters were especially excited to see their old bedroom. It was truly a one-of-a-kind encounter for everyone involved.
For those with a passion for history and unique antique furnishings, the upcoming October estate sale should be a real treat. Stay tuned as we continue to cover the home’s renovation progress and its eventual sale.

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