Father’s Day is coming up on June 21, and if you think about it, dads are kind of the original social distancers and enjoy their space. Growing up, I’d ask my mom, “Where’s dad?” and she’d spout out a variety of responses that align perfectly with the world we’re currently living in: “He’s out in the yard,” “He went golfing,” “He’s reading that new Stephen King book,” “He’s making a fire,” “He’s taking a nap,” “He’s in the garage,” “He’s working on the insert-name-of-machine-here,” “He’s fixing that old insert-name-of-broken-appliance-here,” and the list goes on.
I’m thinking that as we get ready to celebrate Father’s Day weekend, social distancing is even more on our side and we don’t have to get as creative with presents as we did on Mother’s Day. Here are some ways we can celebrate the special dads in our lives, who were social distancing before it was cool.
Family Campout
Campgrounds are open, the RV/camper market is imploding, and outdoor equipment is selling like hotcakes – take advantage with a special trip or getaway. It’s the perfect time to enjoy Mother Nature as she intended. If you’ve got a tent, pull it out of storage and set up shop right in your backyard for a night of summer fun with dad. Make a bonfire, toast some marshmallows, light up the bug zapper, tell ghost stories and enjoy the fact that indoor plumbing is just steps away.
No-brainer here. If you can’t find meat in the grocery store (and we thought the toilet paper shortage was annoying), then go to a local butcher shop for some nice choice meats that dad will love grilling or smoking. Speaking of, smokers are hot right now, pardon the pun, and don’t forget the new grilling tools, spices, rubs and sauces!
Yes, we are a family newspaper, but it’s no lie that dads enjoy a nice, cold beer in the summer months (and moms do too for that matter). If he enjoys concocting, consider a beginner’s home brewing kit or a special craft beer selection that you’d know he’d never buy for himself. Throw in a Yeti insulated tumbler or hardbody cooler and you’re golden.
Funny Shirt
I’m not sure how witty graphic tees became popular (maybe it really did start with that “Have a Nice Day” runner in Forrest Gump), but funny tee shirts are here to stay. My Google search for “funny dad shirts,” brought up some pretty smirk-worthy picks, like the ones that read, “You don’t scare me. I have three daughters,” and “I worked hard for this dad bod,” or “Nacho Average Dad.” And if he’s got a special hobby or interest, be it Star Wars, fishing, hunting, Legos, boating, etc., there is bound to be a funny shirt commemorating it that will make him chuckle.
Upscale shaving kits and body care products can be a great gift for the bearded dad or dads who simply enjoy smellin’ fresh. Consider a sleek new electric razor as a gift. If he travels frequently or heads to the gym before/after work, a nice travel-size body care kit containing face/body wash, moisturizer and deodorant could be just his speed.
I wouldn’t be doing Father’s Day justice if I didn’t mention tools. Admittedly, I don’t know much about them, but a sturdy tool bag or general repair kit usually does the trick. If he’s techy, how about a pair of wireless earbuds or an Amazon Fire tablet? These will definitely up his tech game.
Personalized Gift Ideas
Moms aren’t the only ones who enjoy personalized gifts. For Dad, a simple Internet search brought up personalized golf balls, fishing lures, bottle wraps, engraved frames, socks, ties, tape measures and compasses, just to name a few. Personalized gifts can take longer to ship, so throw in a few extra bucks to get expedited shipping.
A very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Contributing Writer