The North Royalton City Schools are kicking off the 2016-17 school year with a theme that sums up the district’s mission: to “inspire and empower learners.” Launched at the staff convocation meeting on August 22, Inspire Great, will be two words that everyone in the North Royalton/Broadview Heights communities will see and hear because everything the district does will be focused on inspiring greatness.
“We hope this new theme sends a positive message to our community of who we are, who we want to be, and what we strive to work at everyday,” said Greg Gurka, superintendent, North Royalton City Schools. “Our district is taking teaching and learning above and beyond, embracing the 4C’s for student-centered learning: communications, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. We want to inspire great education, great opportunities, and great tools and resources for bright futures.”
The district plans to chronicle all of its efforts by using the social media hashtag #NRinspiregreat. “Each and every time we do something in our classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, fields, and stage that inspires great, we want to share it with the world,” said Gurka. “We have great expectations…for our students, for our classrooms, for how we teach, and for how we learn. You will see more stories and posts on students collaborating, using technology to learn, or being creative instantaneous.”
Goals to Inspire Great at North Royalton City Schools include:
• To empower learners by supporting their passions with the education to allow them to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be.
• To provide students a well rounded, rigorous education to prepare them for their future in this competitive, global society.
• To offer programming that exposes students to opportunities that they may not have known they have a passion about.
• To provide meaningful opportunities and experiences to all students that foster collaboration, encourage communication, develop critical thinking skills, and ignite creativity.
• To inspire students, teachers, and staff to exemplify their values and beliefs each and every day through their words and actions in school and in giving back to their community. To have heart and compassion for those around us.
• To inspire and empower learners!
“Our beliefs, vision and mission for who we are as a district will continue to guide us and with determination and the passion of perseverance, we will definitely inspire great!” said Gurka. “We are a district that strives to build positive, meaningful relationships with all students, parents and our community. We ask the community to join us and ask: How can I help inspire others to be “great” today?”
A more complete definition of Inspire Great can be found on the homepage of the district website, The community also is encouraged to follow the hashtag #NRinspiregreat on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Contributing Writer