North Royalton City Schools’ mechanics have begun the installation of stop arm cameras to 13 of its District buses. These cameras are mounted on the exterior of the bus and give a clear view of the license plates of any vehicles illegally passing our stopped buses. This will be used, in addition to the driver’s report, to help the police issue citations to these drivers. After the District receives its nine new buses, there will be 22 total buses with stop arm cameras, which equals approximately one-third of its fleet.
Mechanics in the transportation department also have begun the installation of child check systems on District buses. After completion of this project, all District buses will have this system installed. Just over half of its buses already have this feature installed. The child check system requires the drivers to walk to the back of the bus after parking and turning the ignition off and hit a button to ensure they are doing their post-trip inspection for any students that may have fallen asleep on the bus. If the button is not pressed, the horn of the bus will sound, much like the panic button on a car, until the button is pressed. While drivers are diligent at walking their buses at the end of their runs, this extra feature will ensure this step is taken.
Transportation has begun for District students as well as Cuyahoga Valley Career Center and parochial school students that are having in-person learning. “All routes have been running smoothly with drivers taking all necessary precautions during the pandemic,” said Transportation Supervisor Greg Hovan. “Buses are being disinfected after each run so that they are clean prior to the next students boarding the buses. Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed on all buses and students are required to sanitize their hands as they board the bus.”
The District has created a “Bus Safety” link on its website homepage that goes to a page highlighting reminders, rules of the road and other information related to bus safety. For the first week back of the Hybrid Learning Phase, the District also has been posting bus safety messages on its social media platforms and plans to continue doing that throughout the school year.