Covid-19 has robbed graduating seniors of many things, but it’s the sense of closure and the absence of a proper good-bye that hurts the most. Seniors didn’t know it at the time, but March 12 was the last day they would ever walk the hallways of North Royalton High School together, and akin to mourners at a funeral, seniors here and everywhere are grieving a sudden and heavy loss.
North Royalton High School Senior Becca Pavelich channeled that loss into writing a beautiful ode dedicated to the Class of 2020. Aptly called, “More Time,” Pavelich performed her song and shared it on YouTube, garnering thousands of views and social shares. In her heartfelt performance, Pavelich sings steadily of the desire to have ‘more time’ with the members of her graduating class. Her song has resonated with seniors throughout Ohio and the nation.
“I’ve been sitting at home thinking about the things that we’re missing out on, and for me, music has always been the best way to get my feelings out,” she said in a telephone interview. “I knew I wanted to write something for myself and for my class.”
Pavelich, the daughter of Royal View Elementary School Principal Kirk Pavelich, is extremely passionate about music. She began playing the piano in first grade and picked up the Ukulele at age 16. She plans on attending Belmont University in Nashville to study Music Business and hopes to eventually work in the legal side of the music industry, she says. Pavelich, a member of show choir, theater, Honor Society and Key Club, sadly noted that she spent what was to be her last day of high school outside the building on a field trip visiting the elementary schools and performing hits from her upcoming production in “James and the Giant Peach” with the NRHS Spotlighters Theatre.
“I wanted to be hopeful that we would come back to school, but I felt that it was coming,” Pavelich said of when she learned school was over for the year. “I’m glad we are being safe and cautious, but I was devastated to learn I couldn’t go back for at least one more day. I’m so grateful though to all the teachers and staff who have worked to make the transition seamless. It’s still hard to process and all the seniors are taking the punches as they come. It’s just so unique.”
She said she is touched that her music has resonated with so many.
“It’s cool to see how people have been impacted by the song, even kids in neighboring cities have reached out to me and from out-of-state too that the song has meant a lot to them,” Pavelich said.
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