North Royalton High School English Teacher, Jonathan Dietrich, has earned the Ohio PTA “‘T’ in PTA Award” for promoting the PTA’s mission of engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for children to ensure they can reach their full potential.
The award is voted on at a District Level and then moves on to the state level. North Royalton submitted to District 12, which includes 13 school district’s PTA groups. North Royalton was overwhelmingly chosen as the District 12 winner.
Dietrich, or “Mr. D” as he is known, is passionate about helping all students and the PTA to make high school a better educational experience for everyone involved. He wears many hats including Student Activities Director, Assistant Yearbook Advisor, Spearhead of the After-Prom organization for the senior students and works bus duty.
His involvement continues into many of the PTA events like the Craft Fair Fundraiser, where he works the night before and is back in the early morning until the event is completely over. He has a strong level of dedication and even when he was sick with strep throat, was insistent that he submit his enthusiastic PTA report before the meeting.
Some years, the PTA has had trouble finding a member to chair the PTA Talent Show, but Dietrich is always ready to step in and has assumed the role of chairperson to ensure a successful and enjoyable evening for students and parents. He keeps the children organized during the popular “Fee, Form and Photo Day” by standing on the arms of a chair in the Performing Arts Center and reprimanding students in a funny way to relate on their level while ensuring they follow directions.
When filling out his PTA membership form, Dietrich fills in the section asking for the name of the student he has with “all of them.”
“That truly sums up how Jonathan Dietrich treats every student and he is one of PTA’s biggest supporters and contributors. He doesn’t go a day without making a difference. North Royalton is very fortunate to have great teachers involved in our PTA,” said PTA President Chris May.
“Mr. Dietrich truly treats every student as one of his own,” said Principal Sean Osborne, North Royalton High School. “He is a dedicated professional educator and student advocate.”