Planning to watch the Bears at Serpentini Stadium this year? The best advice for the 2019 Football and Soccer Seasons is to get to the Stadium Early.
Due to construction at North Royalton High School, the number of available parking spaces at the High School is limited, very limited.
“We have about 150 parking spaces in the lot between the Middle School and the High School. And we have another 150-to-175 parking spaces in the parking lot behind the High School,” said North Royalton High School Athletic Director Bo Kuntz.
There are other parking areas available, but, be prepared to walk. “There is parking around the middle school, at businesses that are closed on game nights, at the North Royalton Baptist Church, located on the north side of Royalton Road across from the Stadium. Fans may want to consider parking at Memorial Park and walking to the Stadium,” said Kuntz.
For those fans that need a handicapped parking space, Kuntz said, “we hope to have all of the parking spaces in the lot from of the Board of Education Building available for handicapped parking.” Signs will be posted along Royalton Road directing motorists where handicapped parking is available.
Plans are in the works to hopefully have a permit parking area located in the parking lot surrounding the Fifth Third Bank building. But, those plans have not been finalized. There is an ATM located at the bank so access to that machine must be maintained.
For fans of visiting teams who will play at Serpentini Stadium this year, they will be in the same boat as home fans.
“We will inform those athletic departments of the parking situation here,” said Kuntz. Those fans will be directed to park in Lots 1, 2 and 4 at the High School entrance off Ridge Road. Lot 3 will not be available. (Lot 3 is the parking area located directly in front of North Royalton High School).
As for using some type of shuttle service to bring fans to Serpentini Stadium, Kuntz said, “I am familiar with using a shuttle. When I was at Highland High School, we used a shuttle to transport fans to the old football stadium. At this time, there are no plans to use a shuttle.”
Fans of the Bears should keep this information handy. Much of this will be applicable during the winter sports season when Boys and Girls Basketball games and Wrestling events are being held. The parking situation, for the most part, will be the same until construction is completed.
The first home football game is Friday, September 6, against Brunswick.
Contributing Writer