A North Royalton resident has passed away after being rescued from a house fire on Sunday, October 18. A call came in at about 1:10 p.m. to the North Royalton Fire Department regarding a house fire at the 13200 block of State Road. A 79-year-old resident and her 57-year-old daughter were trapped in the house.
“We had some passersby call 911 after they saw the fire on the street side of the house,” according to North Royalton Fire Chief Bob Chegan. Mutual aid was called from the cities of Parma, Broadview Heights and Strongsville. He said that a resident was entrapped inside the house. “The heavy fire was coming out of the windows and hallway to the back bedroom, where the victim was located.”
The 79-year-old was rescued and paramedics started resuscitation in the front yard, according to Chegan. She was transported to UH Parma Medical Center and then transferred to the Metro Hospital Burn Unit. “We did get a pulse back, but unfortunately, a little too late and the patient succumbed to her injuries,” said Chegan. “This is our first fatal fire since 2012.” Her daughter suffered from smoke inhalation but did not wish to be transported. The family dog also was resuscitated by the fire rescue.
The house suffered heavy damage. Chegan said that the blaze started in one of the three bedrooms. “We did trace the origin to a candle in the bedroom,” he said. “There were no working smoke alarms heard during the fire and none were found in the home.” Chegan has noted that while overall prevention is important, arming yourself with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and having an escape plan can save your life. He advises residents to have a working smoke detector on every level of their home, outside of every sleeping area and one in every bedroom. Install carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping areas. Make sure that the detectors are operable and that the batteries are fresh.
The following is a fire safety checklist regarding matches, lighters, candles, and smoking hazards, published by the North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association:
• Keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach.
• Make sure matches and smoking materials are out before disposing of them.
• Use large, noncombustible ash trays.
• Never leave smoking materials unattended.
• Never smoke in bed.
• Extinguish candles when you leave the room or area.
• Place candles on non-combustible surfaces or containers.
• Do not leave children unattended in areas with lit candles.

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