With full support of the North Royalton YMCA, the Partnership for a Healthy North Royalton (PHNR) will continue all of our prevention and education work in our community as a committee under the North Royalton YMCA board. “I’m so excited to continue the work I am passionate about for our community with the YMCA! As a member of the YMCA board for almost three years, I’ve seen and been a part of the wonderful ways the YMCA contributes to North Royalton and our community as a whole, and I know this is the right direction to take PHNR. I can’t wait to see what great things we can do together to help with keeping the youth and our families healthy, safe, and educated about the dangers of things that surround our children as they grow.” said Amy Kuntz, Coalition Director. “Our last board meeting for PHNR had all the major hospital systems represented as well as our two major employers, the city and the school district. It means a great deal to me to have the support of the community and local businesses as we take PHNR to even greater heights.”
“Partnering with the YMCA will mean that we will utilize the YMCA’s processes and be a part of the North Royalton YMCA Board. We’ll continue to stay focused on the important content that sheds light on what our community needs the most – information on how to keep our kids safe from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, warning signs of potential drug use, and how we as a family can help lift up those who are in need. We will remain vigilant about ending the stigmas associated with those who struggle and giving hope to those who need it,” added Kuntz
This migration is aligned with the greater YMCA’s mission, “To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.” Brandon Bussey, Executive Director of the North Royalton branch of the YMCA, is excited about this opportunity as well, “Bringing PHNR on to our board seemed like such a great way to marry the shared visions we have for our community. Safe spaces, healthy lifestyles, and positive growth for our youth and families not only makes for a strong community, but provides for a strong foundation for life.”
Formerly a grant-based program in the North Royalton School District, PHNR will now function as a standalone organization with the North Royalton YMCA. The North Royalton School District will remain a supporter of our youth, drug-free coalition activities by helping spread the messages to our students about events and activities that are available.
Finally, PHNR will be able to reach families directly using the YMCA’s outreach channels to bring information and materials into homes throughout the community. Look for more details about the coalition meetings and activities to help support our drug-free mission in our city and the surrounding communities.