The North Royalton City Schools’ Assistant Superintendent Jim Presot is set to retire at the end of this year. His current contract was set to expire July 31, 2019. The Board of Education will be voting on whether to offer a new contract to Presot early next year.
According to Ohio law, the North Royalton School District posted a Legal Notice on November 8, stating that James J. Presot, currently employed as the assistant superintendent, will be retired and seeking re-employment with the district in the same position, following his retirement. The Board will hold a public hearing on the issue of re-employing him on Monday, December 10, at 7:15 p.m. at the North Royalton High School.
Presot, a North Royalton High School graduate, received his bachelor’s degree in secondary education at Bowling Green State University and master’s degree in secondary administration from Akron University. He also holds a superintendent’s certificate. He started teaching in 1987 and served as Principal of Medina High School from 1994 to 1997, when he joined the North Royalton School District as Assistant Principal of the High School. He then became High School Principal, starting with the 2000-2001 school year and was then promoted to Assistant Superintendent in August of 2002. In 2016, Presot was named Ohio School Business Official of the Year by the Ohio Association of School Business Officials.
As Assistant Superintendent, Presot is very involved in the district’s facilities operation and infrastructure, including the planning and construction of the facilities projects that are currently taking place at the Middle School, High School and new elementary school.
Presot said that after meeting with the retirement board after serving in education for 32 years, he made the decision to announce his retirement. He said that the system is set where it’s almost a detriment to continue to work. “My intent would be that I continue to work,” said Presot. When he submitted his plans of retirement to the Board of Education, he said they asked him if he would come back to the District, especially since the facilities project is in full tilt. He would have been working anywhere, but is happy that he may be able to do so with the North Royalton District.
Board of Education President, Susan Clark, said that when he announced his retirement, the Board discussed options. “Because he has been so integral to the work involving the construction and renovation, and all he does to manage the facilities and support staff, we made a decision that it would be in the best interest of the district, if he was interested, in being rehired.” When he expressed interest, we looked into what the law required and will follow the law in making the decision one way or another,” said Clark. She noted that the other option the Board considered was to hire an owner’s agent, which is customary for this situation. Clark said that the cost of such a position is usually a percentage of the cost of the project. She said that the Board concluded that it was fiscally prudent to rehire Presot. The cost factor, coupled with the high esteem that the Board had for Presot, resulted in the decision.
“Jim is not only a great employee but a great person who cares immensely about the district,” said North Royalton City Schools Superintendent, Greg Gurka. “I am happy for all of us that he will be coming back and continuing to make our district great.” According to Gurka, the Board will act on his rehiring as Assistant Superintendent at the January Board meeting. He said that Presot is qualified to retire. This allows him to begin collecting his pension through the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS).

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