To those who travel Rt. 82 frequently and have had to deal with the continual construction, there is some good news. The project is currently at least six months ahead of schedule. Of course, this is a very extensive project, but the end is a bit closer.
The Rt. 82 widening project converts Royalton Road, which runs east/west through North Royalton, from a two lane road to a three lane road, with 6 foot sidewalks and 7 foot tree lawns one each side, as well as two 15 foot lanes and an 11 foot turning lane, completing a span of 78 feet. The lanes will be wider than the current lanes. The West 130 to York Road portion of the Royalton Road project is being sponsored by Cuyahoga County and estimated at $14.5 million for construction and construction administration costs. The widening project is also expected to include widening intersections, traffic light improvement, installation of storm sewers, culvert improvement/replacement, sanitary improvement and storm water detention basin construction.
The first phase of the project spans the area between West 130 Street and York Road. The subsequent sections of Rt. 82 will then be widened, between York and Ridge Roads, and Ridge Road to the North Royalton eastern border with Broadview Heights.
The project’s schedule change is due to the crews working through last winter on the utilities. The weather last year allowed them to do that, allowing the project to move further ahead and enabling them to get ahead of the schedule.
At this point, the final pavement has been installed on the widened south side of Royalton Road between Spruce Run Drive and just east of Abbey Road, as well as most of the sidewalk and tree lawn areas of Phase 1. “Work has been completed on the side streets off Royalton Road on the south side between Spruce Run Drive and just east of Abbey Road.
According to the North Royalton City Engineer, Mark Schmitzer, the traffic has been shifted onto the new pavement in order to allow for the old portion of the road to be removed. The construction of the new roadway on the north side between Spruce Run Drive and just east of Abbey Road has begun. According to County officials, “ Abbey Road, which was closed temporarily during the summer, has now been reopened.
Don Holmok, Senior Estimator for DiGioia said that two way traffic is continually maintained during the widening project. Schmitzer noted that the new water line has been installed on the south side of the road and the storm sewer installation is about 75 percent completed at this time.
“Construction is occurring in Phase 2 to just east of the School’s Bus Facility on the south side, then will shift to the north side,” said Schmitzer. “The plan is to finish up this portion by the end of the year. The project is moving along very nicely, being ahead of schedule for the overall project.”
“The city appreciates your continued patience with the construction on this major project. We are working with the County and the contractor to help keep a safe travel environment during the project,” stated city officials. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the County at their local field office in North Royalton at (440)628-9229.
Contributing Writer