The September meeting of the North Royalton Board of Education took place on September 9.
The following presentations were made:
Albion Elementary: The Board recognized second grader, Carter Gaydemski, who was selected to be a student speaker at the North Royalton Elementary Groundbreaking Ceremony on August 30.
Royal View: The Board recognized third grader, Leah Gibson, who was selected to be a student speaker at the North Royalton Elementary Groundbreaking Ceremony on August 30.
Valley Vista: The Board recognized second grader, Nathan Olman, who was selected to be a student speaker at the North Royalton Elementary Groundbreaking Ceremony on August 30.
North Royalton Middle School: For over ten years, the WEB program, Where Everyone Belongs, is a Middle School transition program that helps fifth grade students feel cared for by the other students. The eighth grade WEB leaders help those students make connections and offer strategies for Middle School life. The following eighth graders were recognized for helping with this connection: Grady Bokoch, Jonathan Pavelich, Cadance Galaska, Soham Shah, Owen Mills, Neerja Shah, Leah Groves, Shivam Pandya, Kripa Kumaran, Julia Sprecher, Allison Krzywicki, Montgomerie Williams and Alanna Olman.
North Royalton High School: Royal Harmony performed The North Royalton High School Alma Mater and Nothin’ But Muddy Water by Anita Cracauer.
Pat Farrell, Director of Personnel for North Royalton City Schools, provided an update on the District’s Strategic Plan progress.
The Board approved the following return of advances from indicated funds to the General Fund: Permanent Improvement, 516-9019 IDEA B 2018-2019 001-0000, $ 31,070.35; 516-9119 IDEA B Restoration 2018-2019 001-0000, $ 1,470.52; 551-9019 Title III LEP 2018-2019 001-0000, $ 366.99; 572-9019 Title I 2018-2019 001-0000, $ 20.62; 587-9019 Early Childhood 2018-2019 001-0000, $ 523.26; 587-9119 6B Restoration 2018-2019 001-0000, $ 3,394.95; 590-9019 Title II-A 2018-2019 001-0000, $ 6,091.70; 599-9119 Title IV-A Student Support 2018-2019 001-0000, $ 65.89.
School Superintendent Greg Gurka noted that “we had a great start to the school year.” He said that the district enrolled 240 new students in grades 1-12 over the summer. At the same time 168 students withdrew, K-11, for a net increase of 72 students. “We had a similar number last year, so it’s good that we’re trending in the right way. We have 284 Kindergarten students. Last year we had 209. That’s a big jump over last year.” He said we are up slightly over the past few years and the district is trending in the right direction. He reported that construction is progressing at the High School and the elementary site. “The ground breaking ceremony was awesome.” The homecoming game is Friday, September 20 against Cuyahoga Falls, with the Homecoming Dance the following evening. He then discussed the upcoming release of the district’ Quality Profile and the State Report Card. He encourages residents to view it on the district’s website.
The Board certified the year 2019 summer graduates, provided they satisfactorily complete the requirements of the State Department of Education and the North Royalton Board of Education.
The Board approved an agreement with Handle with Care Behavior Management System, Incorporated in order to provide an instructor.
The Board accepted the following resignations and retirements:
Resignations: Marilyn Orseno/Mock Trial/Debate Club Advisor/High School/effective August 15, 2019; Karyn Rodems/Certified Substitute/effective August 17, 2019; Kevin Yurik/High School Assistant Football Coach/effective September 6, 2019.
Retirement: Donald Orszag/Technology Specialist/effective December 21, 2019.
The Board approved a rental agreement with the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, North Royalton Branch, for rental of the swimming pool and locker rooms for both swim practices and meets, for the North Royalton High School swim team 2019-20 season.
The Board approved a Power 4 Schools contract with ENGIE Resources from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. Power 4 Schools is a utility purchasing program consisting of several organizations, including the North Royalton City School District.
The Board accepted and acknowledge the following gifts and donations:
“-The Stetler family of Broadview Heights donated gift cards, valued at $100, for the PBIS program at North Royalton Middle School.
-Seven books were donated to the media center at Albion Elementary, valued at $97.90, on behalf of the Kylie and Taylor Memorial Fund.
-The Ohio Middle Level Association donated $500 to the leadership conference at North Royalton Middle School.
-Mary Lou Lydecker of North Royalton donated books, valued at $40, to the library at Royal View Elementary.
-Tom & Chee in Broadview Heights donated 150 coupons for a kids meal to the PBIS programs at Royal View, Albion and Valley Vista Elementary schools.”
The next regular Board meeting will take place on Monday, October 14. , 7 p.m. at Royal View Elementary School.

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