The December meeting of the North Royalton Board of Education took place on Monday, December 9.
The following school presentations were made:
Albion Elementary: Third-grade student and student council representative Nick Raus shared how Albion Elementary staff and students donated $625 to Wags 4 Warriors during a Veterans Spirit Week.
Royal View Elementary: Fourth-grade student and student council representative Emily Kubec was recognized as a student speaker at this year’s Veterans Day program.
North Royalton Middle School: Sixth-grade students Alden Brinkley and Jacob Nellis were recognized for creating a Debate Club.
North Royalton High School: Students Frankie Schultz and Hailey Dlugolinski were recognized for giving of their time and talent to play Taps at the Valley Vista Elementary Veterans Day program in November. The following students were also recognized: Hayden Haffner as All Ohio Boys Soccer, 1st Team Suburban League and (GCCA) District 1st Team; Sydney Rice – All Ohio (Girls Soccer); 1st Team Suburban League and (GCCA) District 1st Team.
North Royalton School Superintendent Greg Gurka first reported on the EdChoice Program’s impact on the district (See Scholarship Program article). Gurka also talked about a potential deregulation bill that is being discussed, but has not been introduced yet in the state legislature, that would give some control back to the districts. He talked about the changes in the school calendars for 2019-20 relative to election day. Gurka then talked about the Kindergarten start date, which students had to be five years old by September 30 in order to attend. He noted that many districts have changed that date to August 1 and conversations for the North Royalton District are beginning to change to that date. “It creates a level playing field academically, socially, emotionally.” He said that they plan it to coincide with the opening of the new elementary school building. Gurka then noted that the district is looking at options to utilize the approximate $131,000 in student wellness funds. He said that the Parma school district is helping to offset the cost of the EdChoice program with these funds. “I’m not saying that we are going to do that,” said Gurka, “but this is the reality when you are losing that much money.” What we were talking about is doing some things with our positive behavioral supports, bringing either materials or training with that.” He said that they are also looking to possibly giving space to a licensed psychologist to meet with students and parents can use their insurance to cover the cost of it. Assistant Superintendent Jim Presot then gave a construction update.
The Board set January 9, 2020 at 7 p.m., as the time for the Organizational Meeting at the North Royalton Board of Education Conference Room. The 2020 Tax Budget Hearing will be part of the regular January 13 meeting at 7 p.m.
The Board authorized the treasurer to request advances on 2020 tax settlements.
The Board agreed to make the required revision (if any) and acknowledges the Design Comments as shown in the Construction Phase Review for the new elementary school.
The Board also agreed to make the required revision (if any) and acknowledges the Design Comments as shown in the Construction Phase Review for the North Royalton Middle School.
The Board approved the establishment of the following funds:
499-9120 – BWC Employers Working With Persons with Developmental Disabilities Grant
499-9220 – School Safety Grant (House Bill 166).
The Board approved the following 2019-20 appropriation adjustments:
401 Auxiliary Funds, from $ 934,229.61 to $ 952,464.61
499 Miscellaneous State Grants, from $22,537.85 to $46,616.66
006 Food Service, from $1,039,100 to $1,048,556
The Board adopted the 2021 and 2021-22 School Year Calendars. They then amended the 2019-20 School Year Calendar. The amendment includes the March 17 presidential primary, and preK through grade four will have the day off. Middle School and High School will have school in session, as normal.
The Board adopted a resolution that abolishes the position of Technology Coordinator. “The technology department presently utilizes the following support staff positions:
Technology Coordinator (12 Month); Network and Systems Coordinator (12 Month) and three (3) Technology Specialist I (12 Month); and the administration has conducted a review of the efficiency and functioning of the support staff personnel in the technology department; and
WHEREAS, the position and duties of the Technology Coordinator have been assumed by the Director of Technology and Network and Systems Coordinator. Therefore, be it resolved, as follows:
1. For the reason of the reorganization and consolidation of administrative functions and for the further purpose of enhancing the efficient operation of the District’s technology services, the position of Technology Coordinator (12 month) is hereby abolished, effective January 10, 2019.
2. The contract of John Nickell, Technology Coordinator (12 Month) is suspended effective January 10, 2020.
3. The Director of Personnel is authorized and directed to provide Mr. Nickell with notice of the Board’s action abolishing the position of Technology Coordinator (12 Month) and of his lay-off, effective January 10, 2020, and his rights to recall under Board Policy 1540.”
The Board accepted the following resignations/retirements:
Leslie Dykin/Cleaner II/Middle School/effective December 21, 2019
Dawn Filippi/Nine-Month Secretary/High School/effective January 11, 2020
Roger Force/Auditorium-Maintenance Worker/High School/effective December 7, 2019
Dolleen Panichi/Substitute Bus Driver/effective November 16, 2019
Meredith Stanton/Middle School Track Coach/effective November 13, 2019 Retirements:
Margo McGrath/Bus Driver/effective February 1, 2020
Elizabeth Radtke/Grade 1 Teacher/Valley Vista/effective June 1, 2020
The Board approved the following trip proposal:
North Royalton Middle School (Sunday, February 9, 2020) Winter Sports Club trip to Holiday Valley Ski Resort, New York.
The Board accepted and acknowledged the following gifts/donations:
“-Arby’s of North Royalton donated 20 coupons, valued at $5 each, to North Royalton Middle School for Right to Read week.
-Kathy Swasey of Brecksville donated books, valued at $20, to the library at Royal View Elementary.
-The North Royalton High School PTA donated $2,500 for lighting and sound in the performing arts center to North Royalton High School.
-Sal and Lia Consiglio donated $200 to the Caring Closet at North Royalton High School.
-Dairy Queen of Parma donated 100 certificates for a free small cone and 100 certificates for a free round of mini-golf to the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports Program at Royal View Elementary.
-Raising Cane’s of Strongsville donated 600 certificates for a kid’s meal to the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports Program at Royal View Elementary.
-Papa John’s Pizza in North Royalton donated eight coupons for a free large pizza to North Royalton Middle School for Right to Read week.
-McDonald’s in North Royalton donated 22 Happy Meal coupons to North Royalton Middle School for Right to Read week.”
The next regular meeting will take place on January 13, at 7 p.m. in the Royal View Gymnasium.
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