The North Royalton Board of Education held their October meeting on Monday, October 12.
The Board approved the Fiscal Year 2021 Five-Year Forecast., then approved additions to the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plant grants for 2020-21 as listed.:572-9121 Title I Expanding Opportunities for Each Child, $7,738.65.
Patrick Farrell, Director of Personnel, introduced the new temporary High School Assistant Principal, John Dauber, who will be filling in for Julie Cole, who is on maternity leave.
Royal View Principal Kirk Pavelich gave a presentation on the Bear Huddle program, which allows elementary school principals to communicate with students by way of short videos which have a theme, such as how super heroes aren’t just in comic books, they can be people, such as nurses, who help others.
Jeff Cicerchi, Middle School Principal, gave a presentation on the Web Leaders program, where eighth grade students mentor incoming fifth graders.
High School Principal, Shawn Osborne introduced the National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist and Commended Students. Semi-Finalists are Dylan Bellamy, Jake Bulkowski and Chris Linne. Commended students are Riley Gagliano and Andy Osborne.
Melissa Vojta, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, gave a review of the state report card for the 2019-20 school year.
One parent addressed the Board via zoom, with questions regarding the district’s learning plan with COVID. A second parent addressed the Board in person, asking when the High School will be able to go back to school full-time. North Royalton School Superintendent, Greg Gurka answered, saying that would take place when the County level changes to yellow. “It’s not fair,” stated the parent. “You are doing such a great disservice.” Gurka responded by stating that “at the elementary and middle school levels students can remain somewhat isolated in their own classroom including eating lunch in their classrooms and we are running the middle school more like an elementary school than high school at this time. At the high school, however, students must change classes each period and there’s a bit of a pinch in hallway traffic with the temporary setup between the older part of the building and the new addition which will eventually return to normal. However, if the County Level changes to Yellow, we can allow high school students to return to the classroom five days.”
The Board approved the following 2020-21 fund appropriation adjustments: 516 IDEA B, from $ 1,044,507.34$ to 1,075,234.75; Title III LEP, from $27,131.29 to $27,859.15; Title I, from $357,086.10 to $367,949.96; Early Childhood from $22,316.83 to $22,984.07; Title II-A from $102,050.42 to $106,875.10. The Board also approved the following return of advances from the indicated funds below to the General Fund.: from 516-9020 IDEA B 2019-2020 to 001-0000 General Fund, $30,727.41; from 551-9020 Title III LEP 2019-2020 to 001-0000 General Fund, $727.86; from 572-9020 Title I 2019-2020 to 001-0000 General Fund, $3,125.21; from 587-9020 Early Childhood 2019-2020 to 001-0000 General Fund, $667.24; from 590-9020 Title II-A 2019-2020 to 001-0000 General Fund, $4,824.68.
The approved a resolution that authorizes the execution of change orders to the Guaranteed Maximum Price with Hammond Construction for off-site improvements and loose furniture, fixtures and equipment in an amount not to exceed $350,000. School Treasurer, Biagio Sidoti stated that the expenditure falls within the budget.
Gurka reported that information went out regarding the updated plan for Kindergarten through grade eight, since the COVID positivity rate had declined since the original plan was formulated in summer. “We do not take these decisions lightly. A great amount of discussion with our team goes into the planning. Pretty much our opening plan stays the same as far as all the protocols and other things that are in that document on our website, with an exception. There is a decrease in social distancing.” He did note that whenever possible, they will strive for that six feet for social distancing, but nothing less than three feet, per the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Gurka also mentioned that the North Royalton district plans are similar to those districts that surround North Royalton. He again stated that the High School will remain blended until the County yellow designation. He noted that North Royalton Police Officer Jason Kimmel received this year’s Friend of Education award and thanked all the North Royalton Police for the great job they do for the city.
The Board certified the 2020 summer graduates.
The Board approved a contract with Bellfaire JCB (Monarch School) for special education programs and services for the 2020-21 school year.
The Board accepted the following resignations: Michael Peskar, Classified substitute, effective October 3, 2020; Amy Podulka, Classified substitute, effective September 17, 2020; Jonathan Redden, Mechanic, effective October 3, 2020; and Charles Schmitt, Girls Basketball Coach, High School, effective October 1, 2020.
The Board approved non-licensed supplemental employment after it offered the supplemental positions listed below to certificated/licensed employees of the District and did not receive any applications from persons qualified to fill the position. The Board then advertised the position as being available to qualified, licensed personnel not employed by the District and did not receive any qualified applications. In conformance with Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.53, the following non-licensed individuals are recommended for employment: Joseph Drago, Middle School Wrestling Coach and Joseph Smith, High School Assistant Wrestling Coach.
The Board approved the following appointments to the certificated/licenced and classified staffs:
Classified Employees
Nancy Drazil/Cleaner II/Middle School/effective October 5, 2020
Michael Peskar/Cleaner II/Middle School/effective October 5, 2020
Certificated Substitutes
Karmel Abutaleb/at the rate of $231.35 per diem
Dr. John Deuber/Assistant Principal/High School/$400 per diem/effective September 24, 2020
Melissa LePage/effective September 21, 2020
Mary Moroney/effective October 6, 2020
Classified Substitutes
Celeste Belardo/effective October 1, 2020
Sharon Brito/effective October 6, 2020
Jonathan Redden/at the rate of $25.79/Step 7/on an as-needed basis/effective October 5, 2020
The Board approved a rental agreement with the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, North Royalton Branch, for the rental of the swimming pool and locker rooms for the North Royalton High School swim team’s 2020-21 season.
The board approved a resolution that authorizes a master electric energy sales agreement with the Power4Schools’ endorsed electric supplier, Engie Resources, LLC.
The Board accepted the following gifts/donations:
“-Dan Langshaw of North Royalton donated 75 face masks to Royal View Elementary, 60 face masks to North Royalton High School, and 45 face masks to North Royalton Middle School for a total value of $900.
-Albion PTA donated $2,500 for playground equipment at the new elementary school.
-Dairy Queen of Parma donated 100 free small cone certificates and 100 free 12-ounce Blizzard certificates to the PBIS program at Royal View Elementary.”
The next regularly scheduled board meeting will take place on Monday, November 16, 7 p.m. at the Royal View Gymnasium.

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