With August, comes the buzz of back to school activities. Parents are busy purchasing new school supplies and outfits for their students to begin a new school year. The North Royalton School District is also abuzz with activity for the new school year, and also with construction projects that can be seen around the North Royalton Middle School/High School campus, as well as the beginnings of the new elementary school.
North Royalton School Superintendent Greg Gurka said that things are going well with the plethora of projects. He recently gave a run down of what is going on at this point of the overall facilities project.
High School
“The High School site work continues for the new addition,” he said. “That project has moved into putting in footers. The steel columns and beams will be coming in August and will be placed in September. “That’s moving along well.” The rear parking lot has been re-done and is expected to open on August 9. “The work continues on interior renovations. They moved the main offices over to where the community room is and are working on the old main office. That will be the new kitchen and the media center will be part of the new student dining area,” said Gurka. “That will be ready for the 2021 school year.”
The new fire suppression system in Gym 1 and Performing Arts Center have been completed. They have blocked off a new custodial area on the back of the High School and will be attached to the renovated area. The renovating classrooms in 1970’s/1980’s section will take place next summer.
The plan had a slight glitch regarding the sewer system at the High School. “When they designed the plan, they base it off the existing drawing,” said Gurka. “When, as is often the case, pipes aren’t exactly where they were on the drawing. They had to re-design the sewer system.” Currently, some of the other sewer lines are being worked on in the front of the school. According to Gurka, the plan is still well within contingency. “There are a lot of unknowns.” He explained that items may not be accurately depicted on the plan. “This is why we have a contingency. All is well within the budget,” said Gurka
Middle School
The major project this summer was to renovate the main entrance to make a safe and secure entranceway. That is nearing completion. “When you walked in before, the outer doors were locked and you had to be buzzed in. Now the first set of doors will be open, but the second doors will be locked and the only way you can go in is through the office, which will, again, buzz each person in,” said Gurka. “The new elementary school building security will be a lot like the new Middle School’s set up.”
Elementary School
The site work has begun. Trees were cleared in the spring. “The prep site work to put up the building base and steel will be taking place in August into September,” said Gurka. The Board will be meeting with District administrators, Hammond Constructions and the architect to discuss Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the building. “That’s where Hammond will establish how much it will cost to build the building,” said Gurka. The Board is then expected to approve legislation accepting the GMP on August 12.
The goal for the elementary school is to get the steel and have it closed in before the winter sets in, said Gurka. Since the elementary is a new building, referred to as a “clean build” Gurka doesn’t anticipate any major problems.
The ground breaking ceremony will take place on August 30 at 9:30 a.m. Gurka noted that the ceremony is primarily a “kids event”.
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