A second resolution was adopted at the North Royalton Board of Education’s July 9 regular meeting to place a resolution declaring it necessary to submit a levy to consolidate the district’s three emergency operating levies in excess of the ten-mill limitation on the November 6, 2018, ballot.
“In order to place an issue on the November ballot, two resolutions must be approved by the Board of Education,” according to school officials. “The first is a resolution authorizing the treasurer to certify the millage with the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer. The second is a resolution to place the issue on the ballot.”
The North Royalton Board of Education unanimously adopted the initial resolution in June. The levy will consolidate the district’s three emergency operating levies that are set to expire in 2019, 2020 and 2022. The consolidation of the levies will then take the form of a renewal that will be “at no additional cost to homeowners,” according to North Royalton School District Treasurer, Biagio Sidoti.
On June 12, 2018, the County Fiscal Officer subsequently certified to the Board that the total current tax (assessed) valuation of the District is $360,189,630 and that the estimated annual tax levy required throughout the life of the proposed levy to produce the annual amount of $17,790,000. The levy would incorporate a $6,700,000 levy that was originally passed on May 5, 2009, a $6,695,000, passed on May 4, 2010 and a $4,395,000 levy passed on November 8, 2001. Each levy was a ten-year levy. The proposed ten-year levy would amount to $17,790,000, commencing on the tax duplicate for 2019 and would be first distributed in 2020.
The North Royalton City Schools Financial Advisory and Audit Committee members discussed various scenarios, they made their recommendation to the Board that the consolidation would be the best funding solution. School Superintendent Greg Gurka said that “the impetus behind this was not to continually go to the ballot three consecutive years.” He said that the consolidation would be a more cost effective solution, saving the cost of going to the ballot three consecutive years, as well as with voter fatigue. “This renewal levy is necessary to provide funding in order to maintain current programs and services and, again, will not result in any additional costs to homeowners or businesses,” according to school officials. Renewal of this levy will continue the $2.3 million the State of Ohio contributes to the District. This is a 12.5% savings in taxes to the homeowner,” said Gurka.
The Board initially discussed the levy at their May 9 work session. Board President Susan Clark stated that they appreciated the work of the Schools Financial Advisory and Audit Committee and after the board discussed and studied other options, they agreed that the consolidation would be the best option. She also noted that the upcoming levy renewals were discussed during the various community engagement meetings. “This has been openly discussed for some time,” said Clark.
The resolution has to be submitted to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections by August 8 in order to be placed on the November 6 ballot.

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