The Timber Ridge Plaza is now a little smaller. Demolition of a portion of the L-shaped plaza began in late January.
The plaza is located at the southeast corner of Sprague Road and York Road. Originally, Timber Ridge was a 105,000+ square-foot shopping center, built in 1990 on about eight and a half acres. According to Cuyahoga County records, the plaza is owned by 9199 Sprague Road, LLC, which took possession of it in 2011.
North Royalton Community Development Director Tom Jordan said that 55,000 square feet, a portion of the “L” section of one of the three buildings, is being demolished. The section of the building runs parallel with York Road.
Last Year, 9199 Sprague Road, LLC purchased the parcel directly at the corner of York Road and Sprague Road. The building, which is about 6,500 square feet and was built in 1994, currently houses Verizon Wireless. That property was purchased on August 14.
Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz is thrilled with the changes. “We’ve all known for a long time that no one wants that sized building.” Over the twelve years that Stefanik was mayor, Timber Ridge Plaza has been a sore subject. Antoskiewicz said that the city has been citing them for some building violations, telling them to “either do something with it or make it look good.” Council President Paul Marnecheck noted that “we’ve all waited for this!” He added that “we get blamed because it’s vacant. Finally the property owners saw it our way. For ten to twelve years, we’ve been begging for them to do something.”
Jordan said that the roof on that portion of the plaza needed to be redone. When they received the costs involved, he said that “it didn’t make any sense” and then decided to take down the section. In the past, it housed several grocery stores, but has been sitting vacant for many years. Jordan said that they will fill the area with parking unless they find a single use tenant.
All the buildings at the Timber Ridge Plaza will be getting refreshed, said Jordan, with a new coat of paint. The Plaza has also received some new tenants. Four new businesses, according to Jordan, include Herba Life, Yeti Vape, Raj Beauty Salon and Fabrizi Construction.
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