By GLORIA PLEVA KACIK Contributing Writer

North Royalton School Superintendent might be the most beloved in recent history of the North Royalton Schools, as North Royalton School students got another snow day on February 18, when the city was pelted with another seven plus inches of snow. Once again, the North Royalton Schools had to call a calamity day, the fifth so far this year. “It’s always a difficult decision to make,” said Greg Gurka.

In 2014, the North Royalton Schools took calamity days on January 6, 7, 28 and 29, due to sub-zero temperatures. This latest day ca ....

Oct 15, 2015


By Sheri Stafford Contributing Writer

On September 12, 1984, Royal Redeemer Lutheran School held their first day of school for preschoolers. Since then, RRLS has grown into a nationally accredited school that includes three-and four-year old preschool classes, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and grades one through eight. This year, the school will commemorate its 30th anniversary with celebrations all year long.

Barb Nelson and Karen Ritter are founders of the school. Shortly after school began, Barb relocated to New York, where her husband’s business was located. Karen is still ....

Oct 15, 2015

There is more to Valentine’s Day than just hearts and candy

By SHERI STAFFORD Contributing Writer

On February 14, cards, chocolates, flowers, and other gifts will be exchanged as an expression of love, but there is more to the story than just hearts and candy. The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day has roots that date as far back as the third and fourth century AD, and through the course of time, the holiday has become synonymous with love.

The story of how Saint Valentine earned his title is unclear. Although there is more than one St. Valentine noted in history, they have something in common; they were martyrs. Perhaps the most ....

Oct 15, 2015

Beware of current cell phone scams Beware of current cell phone scams

By GLORIA PLEVA KACIK Contributing Writer

As with many things, with benefits comes responsibility. Cell phones provide accessibility and connectivity, but cell phone users need to be vigilant. Scams regarding cell phones have increased as the utilization and reliance on cell phone technology increases.

A recent release from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) alerts to an increasing occurrence of a scam involving cell phones, called the One-Ring Phone Scam. According to the BBB, “perpetrators of this scam program their computers to blast out thousands of calls to random cell phone ....

Oct 15, 2015

Planning Commission to take over ARB duties


Contributing Writer The North Royalton City Council unanimously adopted legislation that will disband the city’s Architectural Review Board and incorporate the duties into the Planning Commission. The legislation was first introduced at the December 17 meeting and referred to the Planning Commission, as well as the City Council Building and Building Codes Committee. The Building and Building Codes Committee approved the legislation on January 21 and the Planning Commission recommended approval at their January 29 meeting.

According to the city’s codified o ....

Oct 15, 2015