Members of the North Royalton City Council have been discussing making changes to the City’s ordinances regarding the removal and replacement of tree lawn trees. The measure was first discussed at the May 21 City Council Building and Building Codes Committee meeting.
Following is the current North Royalton ordinance:
(a) No person shall remove any tree from the City streets or properties or any tree upon a public way, curb strip, street or alley without first obtaining a permit therefor, in writing, from the Service Director. Any person or property owner granted permission to remove a tree from the City streets or properties for any purpose, including the purpose of construction, shall replace the removed tree according to specifications of the Service Director. Such specifications shall include consideration of the species, location, size and condition of replacement trees and an equivalent dollar value as adopted by the Council. The person or property owner shall bear the cost of replacing all trees removed.
(b) A permit shall not be required to remove any tree or part thereof which, by reason of damage by fire, windstorm, other natural calamity or disease, creates a danger to the public health, safety and welfare or which obstructs any public right-of-way. In the event the tree is removed, the stump must be removed and the tree lawn restored to its original condition. Resident may replace the tree from a selection of approved trees as determined by the Service Director.”
The amendments proposed are mostly made to the first paragraph, adding the term “and stump” to the term tree. It adds, “the Service Director shall liberally grant said tree and stump removal permits to the property owner(s).” If a tree and stump is removed, the property owner(s) may, but shall not be required to replace the tree. If a tree is to be replaced, it must conform to the specifications of the Service Director, at the cost of the property owner(s).”
The amendments to the second paragraph, where a permit is not required, the owner who had removed the tree and stump and wishes to replace it must do so from a selection of approved trees on file with the office of the Service Director.
The amended ordinance was introduced by Ward 1 Council Rep John Nickell, Ward 5 Council Rep Heidi Webber and Ward 3 Council Rep Joanne Krejci. The measure was then placed on second reading and remained in the Building and Building Codes Committee for further discussion.

Contributing Writer