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Residents got a chance to view the new City Hall, located at 14600 State Road, at Memorial Park at an Open House that was held on Saturday, December 13. Mayor Bob Stefanik and his wife, Janice, welcomed those attending, as well as City Council members, various staff members and Department heads.

“We were pleasantly surprised to see so many residents come and take a tour,” said Mayor Bob Stefanik. “They were all very enthusiastic about the City Hall property and very impressed with the new facility. Instead of building a new City Hall the residents said it was a wise way to spend the money without spending $12-15 million.” Stefanik estimated that about two hundred residents toured the facility. “Tom Jordan was very instrumental in the success of the facility, keeping everything on time and under budget.” Stefanik also added that “I know the community rooms will get plenty of use.” The new City Hall project included the renovation of the 14,000+ square foot building that once served as the library. It was vacated last year, when the new Library on Wallings Road was completed. The move into the new City Hall took place in early November, from the old City Hall, located at 13834 Ridge Road. Jeanne Cilenti, Manager of the North Royalton Library was very impressed with the way the old library has turned out. “It looks classy, and more inviting than the old Council Chambers.”

“It’s so resident-friendly,” said North Royalton Council President Larry Antoskiewicz. “It’s easy to put things up for everyone to see, especially in the Planning Commission and BZA (Board of Zoning Appeals) meetings.” Antoskiewicz was referring to the three big screens that flank the walls of the Council Chambers, allowing all who are in attendance to easily see what Council is viewing, at the same time. State-of-the-art technology was a priority in the revamping of the building, including a new phone system, wifi and voice recognition technology. Law Director Tom Kelly is delighted to have a spacious functional office, rather than share the small space with two other colleagues. “We shared an office that hardly covers the area of my desk. We had to share the computer and phone. This is a great improvement.” Newest member of Stefanik’s staff, Karen Pokrandt, concurs. “It’s a great environment to work in.” Pokrandt is Stefanik’s Administrative Assistant, who started working right after the move to the new City Hall.

“This is beautiful,” said Legislative Director Laura Haller. “I’m pleased for the community. They deserve a City Hall of this caliber to represent them.”
Stefanik noted that “I also think it’s important to note that this will probably be the last major expenditure for many years to come.”