The August meeting of the North Royalton Board of Education took place on Monday, August 15.
During the June 29 meeting, the minutes were questioned by Board Member Jeremiah Sawyer, who stated that the conclusion regarding discussion on parental/children’s rights at that meeting, was that the District’s lawyer was going to address the Board with policy options. “All he did, was come in and defend his recommendation,” said Sawyer. Board President John Kelly stated that, “He didn’t have any other options to present.” School Superintendent Mike Laub said that “I was under the impression that he was saying the Board, ultimately, can choose to put into policy whatever they feel they want to put into policy. So, his other option was for you to put whatever you want into policy, but his recommendation as our attorney, was to go with the NEOLA-approved, based on his experience with NEOLA (North East Ohio Learning Associates). So, think the option he came with was you can do something else if you want to.” Sawyer said he would like the minutes to more accurately reflect the discussion. He went on to say he would like the Policy Committee to re-review the matter.
The Board resolved to appoint North Royalton School Superintendent Michael Laub, or his designee, as the Board’s Hearing Officer for all suspension hearings and expulsions.
The Board approved the following transfer: from 200-977B High School Class of 2022, to 200-946A High School Student Council, for an amount of $4,618.86.
The Board amended the Suburban League Conference Salary Schedule for Football Officials for the 2022-23 school year.
The Board amended the adopted Central Office Professional Staff Association Salary Schedule to include the position of Assistant Transportation Supervisor.
School Superintendent Laub reminded that the Health and Safety Fair will take place on September 10. He went on to say he had an opportunity to visit residents near Royalview to discuss the District’s intention with the property.
The Board accepted the following retirements and resignations:
Guiseppe Luppino/Cleaner/Middle School/effective September 1, 2022
Michael Callaway/Bus Driver/effective July 20, 2022
Irene Ivec/Aide/Middle School/effective July 21, 2022
Jo Anna Lint/Aide/Elementary School/effective July 18, 2022
Jennifer Martinez/Accounting Specialist/effective August 12, 2022
Mina Nardi/Cafeteria Worker/Middle School/effective July 25, 2022
The Board approved the following leaves of absence:
Michelle Canestraro/effective September 13 through November 4, 2022
Valerie Hendrickson/ effective September17 through June 8, 2023
Amanda Velbeck, effective August 18 through March 17, 2023
The Board approved the following change of assignment, effective with the 2022-23 school year: Leah Holloway, from Cafeteria Worker/High School to Aide/Middle School.
The Board approved the following supplemental contracts for the 2022-23 school year:
Jaclyne Felton/Assistant Volleyball Coach/High School
Karrie Zingale/Spring Musical Choreographer/High School
LPDI Committee:
Adrianne Klein
Jessica Lobaza
Gina Stabile
Resident Educator Mentors:
Jonathan Dietrich, Sarah Franko, Marguerite Greenlee, Anna Hubert, Elizabeth Kannel, Amy Ness, Jennifer Paine, Leigh Ann Quayle, Laura Sandy, Dawn Sainer, Brandon Speers, Tiffany Timar, Jessica Yappel.
The Board approved an agreement to renew dental insurance with Oasis Trus (Trustmark) from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023 for district employees’dental benefits.
The Board approved the following agreements, effective for the 2022-23 School year: Education Service Center of Northeast Ohio for Inter-district services of teachers of hearing impaired, educational audiologist, as needed; Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio for inter-district services of teachers of visually impaired, functional low vision screening, orientation and mobility trainer, rehabilitation specialist, braille services; PSI Affiliates, Inc/PSI Associates, Inc. For auxiliary services at Royal Redeemer Lutheran School in the amount of $88,117.02 for school psychologist/psychology services, health screenings and intervention specialist; Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio for special education programs/services at Achievement Centers for Children; Applewood Centers, Inc., for special educational programs and services; Bellefaire JCB (Monarch School) for special education programs and services at a cost of $92,400 per student; PSI Affiliates, Inc./PSI Associates, Inc. For clinic services program, licensed practical nurse services, special needs nursing program and licensed practical nurse services.
The Board approved the participation in the free and reduced breakfast and lunch program of the state of Ohio Department of Education.
The Board approved the bus stops for the 2022-23 school year.
The next regular board meeting will take place on Monday, September 12, at the North Royalton High School Community Room.

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