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North Royalton voters will have another opportunity to vote on an improvement issue for the North Royalton School District. The North Royalton Board of Education voted at their July Board meeting to place a 28-year, 1.66 mill bond issue, plus a continuing 1 mill permanent improvement levy on the November 4 ballot. This comes after voters rejected Bond Issues three times.
The following, is what voters will see on the November 4 ballot – Issue #10:

Proposed Bond Issue and Tax Levy

Shall the North Royalton City School District be authorized to do the following:
(1) Issue bonds for the purpose of constructing, renovating, remodeling, rehabilitating, adding to, furnishing, equipping and otherwise improving buildings and facilities, and preparing, equipping and otherwise improving real estate, for School District purposes in the principal amount of $28,400,000, to be repaid annually over a maximum period of 28 years, and levy a property tax outside the ten mill limitation, estimated by the county fiscal officer to average over the bond repayment period 1.66 mills for each one dollar of tax valuation, which amounts to 16.6 cents for each one hundred dollars of tax valuation, to pay the annual debt charges on the bonds, and to pay debt charges on any notes issued in anticipation of those bonds?
(2) Levy an additional property tax to provide funds for the acquisition, construction, enlargement, renovation, and financing of general permanent improvements at a rate not exceeding 1 mill for each one dollar of tax valuation, which amounts to 10 cents for each one hundred dollars of tax valuation, for a continuing period of time, commencing in 2014, first due in calendar year 2015?”

According to North Royalton School Superintendent, Greg Gurka, the option chosen is “a Bond Issue in the amount of $28.4 million coupled with a Permanent Improvement Levy of 1 mill. The $28.4 million bond issue will pay for the following repairs/upgrades and renovations at the HS and the three elementary buildings: HVAC, Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Security/entrances/systems/fire systems/egress, Site conditions, Exterior Doors, Life Safety and Hazardous Materials disposal. The term of the bond issue is reduced from 30 to 28 years. The 1 mill Permanent Improvement Levy will fund the roof on the Middle School, as well as the remaining upgrades, repairs and renovations for all five buildings, to include Windows, Structural repairs, Lighting, Floors and Sewage.”

If passed, the combined improvement levy would cost $93 yearly for each $100,000 in home valuation, according to North Royalton School District Treasurer, Biagio Sidoti. The permanent improvement levy will cost $35 for each $100,000 in home valuation, contingent on property values. If the property values go up, that amount will decrease. If property values go down, the cost increases. The 1.66 bond issue will cost $58 yearly for each $100,000 in home valuation, which will be collected for 28 years. At that point, the bond issue would expire and the permanent improvement levy would then continue in perpetuity. According to Gurka, once the repairs/upgrades stated are complete, the funds collected from the permanent improvement levy would then be utilized for maintenance and upkeep of the school’s facilities. This plan does that and address the additions to the elementary buildings and the high school, or the move of the kindergarten classes back to the elementary schools.