In addition to all the road construction going on this year, two water main replacement projects will also take place. One project will tie up a part of State Road; the other a section of Royalton Road.
The first project has already begun. The State Road project is replacing a section on State Road from Castle Drive to Sprague Road. The second project, which has been in the works for several years, will affect Royalton Road from State Road to Prince Charles, which is phase two of a project that was started in 2016.
The State Road Project will replace approximately 5,323 feet of water main and the replacement of valves, fire hydrants and service connections. The pavement will then be restored, once this work has been completed. According to North Royalton City Engineer, Mark Schmitzer, the project funding qualified under the city of Cleveland’s Capital Program. The estimated $1.3 million project is being designed and bid by the city of Cleveland, Division of Water. It is expected to be completed mid-summer.
Bidding is taking place in order to complete Phase 2 of the Royalton Road Water main Replacement Project. Phase 2 of the water line project was scheduled two years ago, but, because of the timing of approval from Cleveland Division of Water, which is funding the project, it was pushed up to last year, then again to this year. The first phase of the project was completed in 2016. It included the replacement of the aging water line on the north side of Royalton Road, spanning the area from Prince Charles Drive, east to the city’s corporation line. The length of this phase is about 3500 feet. The work was done by Fabrizi Trucking & Paving Company and was approved by the Cleveland Water Department and the North Royalton City Council, for $708,631. The Phase 1 cost actually came in at $665,000.
Phase 2 of the Royalton Road project includes the replacement of the existing water main, values and hydrants, and is being subsidized through the Cleveland Water Department’s Suburban Water Main Renewal Program. Thirty one communities, including North Royalton, participated in the Suburban Water Main Renewal Program. The program awards about $15 million worth of projects per year. The projects include the replacement of aging infrastructure in order to improve the functionality of the overall water system.
The second phase will replace about 1,940 linear feet of a 12-inch water main along the north side of Royalton Road between State Road and Prince Charles Drive. Previously, the first phase of the water main project was completed, done so without any cost to the city of North Royalton, according to Schmitzer. The second phase of the project was originally expected to cost about $350,000 to construct. That cost estimate went up to $443,500. This year, estimates are about $630,000 according to Schmitzer. The phase went out to bid, with the bid opening on May 7.
Schmitzer said that the Royalton Road project is targeted to be completed in July, at which time the resurfacing of Royalton Road in that area will begin.
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