Around town, you might already be seeing colorful banners around the city and school areas. These were erected to show off North Royalton pride. Banners from the City, Schools, Chamber of Commerce and Royalton Recorder are placed along Royalton, Ridge and State Roads.

Mayor Bob Stefanik talked about the excitement that surrounds things like a High School football game in town. “I wanted to get that excitement going. We’ve been updating the center of the city and wanted to showcase it.” He contacted school officials and the Chamber of Commerce, who both agreed to participate. “It was a collective effort,” said Stefanik.

The city ordered 35 banners, of three designs. The first design, which will be placed on Ridge Road from Rt. 82, to just south of Royalwood Road, and from Ridge to Rt. 82, along Bennett Road, will indicate the city’s historic district. The blue banner, with “North Royalton Historical District, Founded in 1818,” in white lettering.

A blue and white banner, with “North Royalton Founded in 1818” with a graphic of the city’s gazebo, will be placed on Rt. 82, from Bennett Road to just east of State Road. Red, White and Blue designed banners with “Welcome to North Royalton” along with the city’s seal will be placed on Rt. 82, just east of State Road to just west of the Police Station. Stefanik said that the banners may also be placed in other areas of the city.

School Superintendent Greg Gurka said the Mayor contacted him about the banners and he immediately liked the idea. “It’s a great way to enhance community spirit.” The district purchased about 15 banners, with five different designs. They include “Welcome to Bear Country,” which will be placed in front of the High School and Middle Schools on Ridge Road. The district’s motto, “We inspire and empower learners” banner will be placed in front of the Board office and in front of the elementary schools. Three other banners featuring academics, athletics and the arts will also be distributed around school buildings. “We are all part of one community,” said Gurka. “The more we can do, the better.”

Both the Chamber of Commerce and Royalton Recorder were excited to take part. The Chamber will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018, the same year the city observes its 200th birthday. The Recorder is currently commemorating 75 years of providing our residents with all their local news. “The Chamber and Recorder are happy to participate in this worthwhile community project,” said Maria Magnelli, Recorder editor and Chamber executive director. “We are very proud of our city and want everyone to know.”

Contributing Writer