The upgrading of the City Green will start with the recent approval of the North Royalton City Council’s legislation that accepts the lowest and best bid for electrical improvement. Out of four bidders, Council approved the bid of D.E. Williams Electric, Incorporated for a bid not to exceed $166,020.00. Earlier this year, the city hired an electrical engineer, who designed the electrical improvements with the goal of savings and improved safety.
Some of the upgrades will take place thanks to a grant recently received from the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC), in which North Royalton is a community member. NOPEC benefits include grants that it distributes, based on the membership and participation of each municipality. The City Green project is being partially funded by one such grant. The city previously received a grant in the past for tennis court lighting at Memorial Park. The funding for the city green project that the city received totals $125,000, which will be used to upgrade the electrical system on the Green, which has been problematic for many years, according to North Royalton Community Development Director, Tom Jordan. Mayor Bob Stefanik is pleased with the grant. “Definitely the Green is going to be rewired, especially around the sidewalks, which has been a problem. Over the years it’s been added to and we’ve been putting band aids on. We want to once and for all address the issues,” said Stefanik. Jordan said that the project also entails the installation of some energy efficient lighting and a timer system.
In addition to the electrical upgrade project, the city will also be installing a new electronic sign that will be replacing the one at the corner of the Green, at Ridge and Royalton Roads. Jordan said that the sign has been ordered, but will not be funded through the grant. The city hopes to have both projects completed by Spring of next year.
One aspect of the overall upgrade of the Green that will not be moving forward at this time is the installation of the pavilion, which was to be placed in the area of the footprint of the old city hall, just south of the intersection of Ridge and Bennett Roads. The plan called for a two story structure with an open observation deck on the top, bench seating and an ornamental railing. The exterior consisted of a fiber-cement siding with simulated stone. The interior on the bottom level would include a fireplace, restrooms and a drinking fountain. Also in the area, there would be picnic tables with umbrellas. Charging ports for electronic devices and bike racks were also added to the project.
After two attempts to bid out the project, once in March and another in July, the bids that were received exceeded the estimated cost of the project, which were projected between $550,000 and $615,000. The bids that were submitted were over the ten percent estimate by the City Engineer on both occasions. In September, Council agreed to place the project on hold after a presentation by architect Brandstetter Carroll Incorporated recommending that the city increase the project’s budget to $800,000.

Contributing Writer